Funny Story.

So a while back I went to University of Phoenix’s website trying to find info about what classes they had and stupidly gave them contact information, including my cell phone number. This was like, months and months ago. They have called me regularly ever since. I never answer because I don’t want to go there, I don’t want to have to listen to their sales pitch, I don’t want to have to explain my life and hear them come up with a peppy solution for everything. I don’t want to be tempted to say something mean, etc. ;)

Well, today my phone rang and I’m looking at the number. I’m like, “that number seems familliar. Is that my friend Lauren? I think it’s my friend Lauren!” It wasn’t. It was Phoenix. I have no clue WHY I thought it was Lauren, she’s in my contacts, it would have TOLD me it was Lauren. :P

So, anyway the conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hello?

Phoenix Dude: “….Hi, this is [Annoying Guy Who Won’t Stop Calling] from University of Phoenix, is Ashlee available?”

Me: “…No, she’s not.” [what? it’s TRUE, I wasn’t available to listen to him drone about the school, I just decided to tell him that in third person. :P]

PD: “Do you know when she’ll be available?” [this threw me a little. I was hoping he would just go away.]

Me: “….uhhhhh, no not really.” [I almost said, “never.”]

PD: “Ok, well — “

I hung up. And ran off to my room, laughing, to Tumblr the whole thing.

Am I a bad person…? lol

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Posted on Friday, 26 August
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